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Fit Bodies- 10.18.16- Jenny Ghighlia

Jenny Ghighlia Fit Bodies is a show that focuses on health in the San Fernando Valley by eating right, exercising, meditating, and having a positive attitude. On this episode, Pierce College dance instructor Jenny Ghiglia opens up to your host Maria Trinidad about her...

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Farsi Show 02.21.17 “Razor’s Edge”

Razor's Edge Farsi Show with Hengame Abassi covered “Razor’s Edge” The Legacy of Iranian Actresses by Bahman Maghsouldou, a documentary 15 years in the making. The event took place in the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills. Followed by Red Carpet and a panel...

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Hooked on Comics -02.23.17- Collectors Paradise

Collectors Paradise Welcome to Hooked on Comics where host Michael Lopez flips you through the pages of the comic book world. Today on episode  one Lopez had guest Edward Greenburg on to talk entrepreneurship in comics and the ins and outs of greensburg's very own...

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Exposure – 02.27.17 – Travel Photographer

Travel Photographer Andrei Duman Exposure with Skylar Lester is a show about notable figures in the world of Photography. On this episode Skylar interviews Andrei Duman, who is a successful travel photographer and gallery owner. Andrei discusses his experiences as an...

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Farsi Show- 11.3.16- Asyeh Ziaie

Asyeh Ziaie Asyeh Ziaie is an award-winning theater actress, TV actress, writer, songwriter and teacher who enjoys popularity in Iran. Asyeh shares her story, including her passion for theater and acting, and her experience onstage the Morgan Wixon Theater in the...

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La Raza- 10.17.16- MECHA at Pierce College

MECHA at Pierce College MECHA is one of Pierce's many student clubs, here to represent Chicano culture in the San Fernando Valley. On this episode, Emmanuel asks the listeners to learn more about the people who call themselves Chicano- a Mexican American culture...

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Not Your Typical Game Show- 11.30.16- That Part

That Part Not Your Typical Game Show, the show where asking questions is only a part of the fun. The contestants will answer trivia questions about past, present, and everything in between. If they don't know the answers, hostess Sienna Kowlessar always does. Today's...

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Team is much like a baseball team. We have individuals who come together for a common cause, which is to produce radio shows. Jeff Favre teaches and advises reporters in the techniques used to create radio content. Our reporters choose the topics  and the direction of the show.
Our team produces weekly content in our live in broadcast studio at Pierce College. The broadcast studio is located inside Village 8212. Next door to The Roundup News and The Bull Magazine.
Team projects are called Pierce Profiles, which are podcasts.  Other projects like community documentaries are pre-recorded outside the studio. Podcasts are created by Broadcasting and Multimedia students using handheld recording equipment.
Pierce Profiles are where our team reporters produce a radio profile about a person, group or department of Pierce College.
Multitopics are pre-produced community features created by students attending Multimedia 114. Tracie Savage teaches and advises multimedia students in the industry practices used to create professional audio and video projects for news.

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