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The Daily Talk with Taylor Thibodaux


La Peña Madridista

Hoy es Domingo with Malena Fuentes



Local Voices with Isela Gonzales


NY to LA

Hungry to Win with Olivia Cervantes


Bottling with Ballen

The Body Show with David Lona


Echo: Mari Ijima

Sound Stage with Jose Hernandez


Getting Sponsored

Skate Valley with Eva Quispe



Edgeucation with Emmanuel and Stephen


Tray Meeks

Hoops Center with Ibrahim Fye



Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint


Background Artist

Around the Scene with DeShawn Cavanaugh


Firkin Cask

Lager Than Life with Dan DeLeon



Farsi Show with Hengame Abassi


Artisanal Cream

Sweet Treats with Arianna Hall


Stay Fresh

Talking with Tubers with Patrick Ramos


Managing Talent

Next BPM with Carlos Huizar


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Team is much like a baseball team. We have individuals who come together for a common cause, which is to produce radio shows. Jeff Favre teaches and advises reporters in the techniques used to create radio content. Our reporters choose the topics  and the direction of the show.

Our team produces weekly content in our live in broadcast studio at Pierce College. The broadcast studio is located inside Village 8212. Next door to The Roundup News and The Bull Magazine.

Team projects are called Pierce Profiles, which are podcasts.  Other projects like community documentaries are pre-recorded outside the studio. Podcasts are created by Broadcasting and Multimedia students using handheld recording equipment.

Pierce Profiles are where our team reporters produce a radio profile about a person, group or department of Pierce College.

Multitopics are pre-produced community features created by students attending Multimedia 114. Tracie Savage teaches and advises multimedia students in the industry practices used to create professional audio and video projects for news.

Latest Shows

Documentary – Fall 2015 – Women in Media

Women in Media Lupe LLerenas focuses on women in the entertainment industry. Welcome to Documentary Profiles. The documentaries are segments where reporters cover a variety of issues. Team reporters conduct multiple interviews with individuals, groups,... read more

Valleyfornia – 12.02.15 – Success at Pierce

Success at Pierce Blanca and Britney Valleyfornia with Blanca Renovato is the show that discusses everything social in the Valley. On this episode, Blanca Renovato is joined by Pierce College alumna, Nutrition major and success story Britney Turner. She is also a... read more

Lets Talk Community – 12.01.15 – CCRC

CCRC Annual Book and Toy Drive ends December 24, 2015 Lets Talk Community with Lupe LLerenas is a show that focuses on community involvement. On this episode Lupe interviews Evelyn Juarez and Cristen Sayegh from CCRC which is the Child Care Resource Center in... read more

The Body Show – 11.30.15 – Body Art

Body Art Glenn West has been decorating bodies for over 25 years. The Body Show with David Lona is a show that focuses on the current professional techniques used to take care of the body. On this episode David interviews Glenn West, who is a tattoo artist and the... read more

Profiles – Fall 2015 – Vegan Club

Vegan Club The campaign for Vegan options on campus. Welcome to Pierce Profiles, where reporters profile a person, group or department of Pierce College. Team reporters conduct multiple interviews creating Club Profiles that feature the student-run clubs... read more

Multitopics – Fall 2015 – Midnight Snack

Midnight Snack Tracie Savage’s Multimedia 114 class joined the ranks of Team They produced community profiles while studying Multimedia Sound Design. Tracie calls them Multitopics. They consist of five different projects. We posted the best... read more

Profiles – Fall 2015 – Ken Windrum

Ken Windrum Ken teaches Cinema in the media arts department. Welcome to Pierce Profiles, where reporters profile a person, group or department of Pierce College. Team reporters conduct multiple interviews creating Teacher Profiles that feature the... read more

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