Spoken Word

Spoken Word

Arianna Hall focuses on the local poetry community.

Welcome to KPCRadio.com Documentary Profiles. The documentaries are segments where reporters cover a variety of issues. Team reporters conduct multiple interviews with individuals, groups, businesses, or organizations in Los Angeles County. In this segment Arianna Hall focuses on Spoken Word Nights.

Poet Kim Nguyen explains the importance of poetry in her life, an how it allows her to express her point of view. She also talks about the challenges of competing as a poet. Alicia Langston, who started a poetry club at San Francisco State University talks about the open mic poetry community, and her experiences with events and workshops.

Sarina Sity, who frequently attends open mic events mentions that she connects with how the writers express their experiences. She also talks about how poetry helps her relate to the author. Elizabeth Jackson, who is a regular open mic performer shares that the poetry community is inviting, and being a member has helped her overcome her fears. Ashton Jackson, Elizabeth’s brother says that he is proud that his sister has found a way to open up and express her thoughts.

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