[Listen] Semblanza – Encuentro Latino – 10/13/12

On today’s show we invited Mariela Valdez, a bolivian dancer who performed on this one year event  Semblanza Latinoamericana. The purpose of Semblanza is to reunite the community by folkloric dance, music and culture.  She shared  her motivations and experiences as a performer dancing  Caporales.

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[Listen] Proposition 34 – Encuentro Latino – 10/17/12

On Today’s show, we invited a student  Evelyn Mauricio to discuss a political issue in reference to the debate held at Pierce College, The Great Hall 10/11/12.  She shared her opinion on how Proposition 34 affects the community as well as religion and morals.  The Proposition purpose  is to eliminate the death penalty in California and replace it with life in prison without the possibility of parole.

[Listen] Tertulia – Encuentro Latino – 09/24/12

Celebrating the release party of the 2nd edition of Tertulia, a bilingual literary magazine created by The Latin American and Literature Club.  This magazine is the collective work of students from Pierce College expressing themselves through  poetry, short stories, photographs and paintings. We invited Florencia Orlandoni, Luis Enrique Barco and Edgar Rodriguez (ex students from Pierce College, now UC students) to talk about their experience as editors and writers  for this project.