’s Radio Marathon: The Music Sweet Box’s Radio Marathon: The Music Sweet Box’s Fall 2019 Radio Marathon

Hosted by the KPCRadio Staff

KPCRadio Staff welcomes all of the bands that came in to the studio and performed for everyone listening.
Special Thanks to
Blue Velvet Drapes (01:08:51 – 02:03:10)
Evan Pincus (02:13:30 – 02:40:30)
The World Cashmere (03:09:30 – 03:51:09)
The Calicos (04:44:30 – 05:09:00)
Las Ritas (06:30:30 – 07:00:30)
from the KPCRadio Team (Michael Benavides, Yajaira Garcia, Jonathan Lanzillotta, & Paulina Vidanez)
DISCLAIMER: Contains language that may be considered vulgar or offensive.