Time Machine Express: The History of Soccer

Time Machine Express: The History of Soccer

Time Machine Express featuring Daniel Zeb

Hosted by William Rogero

Why is soccer/futbol less popular in the United States? What are the origins of the yellow and red cards, how did the sport start and what should every soccer fan or practitioner know? Join us with Guest Daniel Zeb (York University alumnus, soccer coach and enthusiast) as we answer important questions about soccer.

This episode was recorded remotely from the studio during the COVID-19 Los Angeles Safer-at-Home initiative.

Documentary: The Disney Pandemic Response

The Disney Pandemic Response

By Lidia Beck

From the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of businesses were shut down because of health concerns. Disney Parks have shut down and has left thousands of people missing the magic. Disney College program Custodian, Jordan Bedgood describes his experience with the shutdown. Ary’l Burgoyne, Diana Rodriguez, and Rayna Graff share how Disney Parks will change.

Documentary: Nightlife Under COVID-19

Nightlife under COVID-19

By Andrea Pena

One of the most affected businesses by COVID-19 is the bar and nightclub industry. Even though some businesses are starting to open their doors to the public, it is unclear when nightclubs could go back to work. In the city of LA, bars are very popular and generate a lot of money, but Mayor Garcetti prefers the health and well being of Angelenos.

Documentary: Comics and COVID

Comics and COVID

By Luis Mendoza

Small businesses have been struggling during the COVID-19 Pandemic to continue business. Find out how Comic Book Shops have been operating to keep their stores up and running while being closed off to the public.

Special thanks to:

Warren Jaycox of Galaxy of Comics

Branny Singh of Njoy Games & Comics

Enrique Muñoz  of Comic Hero University