Found Sound — Fall 2019

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Azad Azizyan


Jacob Brenner


Jose Cardenas


Elizabeth Doctors


Amanda Faries


Marlon Flores


Cynthia Hernandez


Harrison Horaney


Nicolas Juarez


Sohaib Khan


Sanaz Mahdi


Jennifer Martin


Carlos Melendez


Megan Milo


Atena Naghi


Johnny Nguyen


David Oliver


Rachel Repshas


Andrew Rodriguez


Benjamin Ruano

Erica Sadeghani


Ernest Tarzimanov


Erika Torres


Carlos Valdez


Tyrome Walton


Nik Wilcox


Moises Yah

Media Arts Student Work — Fall 2019

A collection of work from students in Media Arts classes for the Fall 2019 semester.

from Media Arts 110:

5 Questions
Media Arts students asked people 5 questions on a variety of subjects relating to Pierce College.

Found Sound
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Gothropology- 5.13.16- Witness! Radio at Wasteland Weekend

Gothropology- 5.13.16- Witness! Radio at Wasteland Weekend

Witness! Radio at Wasteland Weekend


The War Boy & Wasteland salute– censored for your purity, courtesy of your sensitive and easily offended host, Brit-El Mabourakh.

Gothropology is the show that discusses ancient traditions, modern heretics, mortality, sexuality and regeneration- the guide to come and take you by the hand into unknown pleasures. On this episode, witness Brit-El and The Swede talking about one man’s experience in the world-famous Wasteland Weekend, a four-day desert extravaganza of all things Mad Max. Thousands of post-apocalyptic lunatics flock to the Southern California desert for Wasteland in September, and for the past few years, The Swede has been the live radio voice of the tribe. Broadcasting on actual radio frequency and not on the Web, The Swede is on air all hours of the night and day for much of the four days of Wasteland. From his radio insomnia, Wasteland-style vehicle decoration, to what separates the Mad Max style from other post-apocalyptic garb and much more, tune in for the whole historic conversation on and The Belfry Network.